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We at link.fish depend on Schema.org a lot. On our search through the web we  came across schema.rdfs.org which offered a great export of everything in different formats. Sadly was the page no longer maintained and all the data out of date. They gave access to their scrape script but sadly did it not work anymore because of changes to the schema.org website which was very sad. There was just nothing comparable out there so we decided to take over and fix the script and give the people again an easy way to get access to the whole schema.org data easily.

If you want to scrape schema.org yourself you can use our branch till the fix got merged into the main branch: https://github.com/link-fish/schema-org-rdf

For all other people do we scrape it on a daily basis and you can simply download it here.

Schema.org Downloads:


If you have planed to download it every day, please use the gzip version. Thanks!

So thanks again to Michael, Giovanni, Richard and John from schema.rdfs.org who did not just make it possible who actually made it and did all the work!